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Call to set up your free roofing 
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Frequently asked questions:

How can I be sure materials will be paid for so that no liens will be filed against my property?
We invite any potential customer to contact our primary suppliers for a credit reference:
Roofing Supply Group: 801-467-4900
Stringham Lumber: 801-487-8631
​Upon request, we would be happy to furnish a signed lien waver from our supplier for your records.

How will my house be protected from inclement weather once the old roof is torn off?
We will protect the unfinished portions of the roof with plastic visqueen protective coverings.

What hours do your crews work?
Depending on time of year, they usually start between 8 and 9 a.m. and finish between 4 and 5 p.m.

How will my flowerbeds and property be protected from damage?
Protecting your property is our highest priority! For each phase of the roofing project, you will be given a customer satisfaction survey which deals mostly with issues involving the protection of your property. Our foremen are eligible for bonuses based upon your responses, so they are extremely motivated to earn your highest marks. In addition, we hold weekly meetings during which our foremen discuss methods that can be used to leave our jobsites spotless.

How long will my job take?
A typical roofing job lasts between a week and two weeks and varies according to size. Once we know the size of your roof we can give you a pretty good idea of how long it will take.

What credentials should I require a roofer to have?
You should require the following credentials for any contractor you hire:
1. An active contractor’s license in the state of Utah specific to your project.
*Our Utah State Contractor’s License number is 1435183-5501.
2. An active liability insurance policy to protect against property damage and bodily injury to others.
*We are insured with Auto Owners. Our agent is Kim Jensen @ 801-523-2371.
3. An active workers compensation insurance policy to cover employees in case of an injury.
​*We are insured with Workers Compensation of Utah. Our policy number is 2469137.