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Henry Copier, Founder of Roof-Rite since 1980

Roof-Rite founder, Henry Copier, grew up in the construction business and began his roofing career in 1973. Since then, Henry has built a company with the finest roofing technicians around.

​"Although we’ve roofed thousands of homes along the Wasatch Front over the years, we’re a small company. We’ve chosen to stay that way so that we don’t compromise quality and personalized service.
All of our work is done 'in-house' by our own employees. We don't ever 'sub-out' our work, or act as middle men." -Henry Copier

Roof-Rite prides itself in attention to detail. To us, a 99% roofing job isn’t good enough because it’s that last unfinished 1% that can cause the leaking and frustration. And, roofs installed by Roof-Rite really last because we install them according to the highest specifications and with proper ventilation. That is why we confidently offer our own lifetime warranty.

Roof-Rite specializes in residential re-roofing, which is a world apart from new construction roofing. We understand that when we’re working on a house that is being lived in, and one that is fully finished and landscaped, we must be extremely cautious to protect the interior from water damage, and the exterior from property damage. Cleanliness is our highest priority.

"We are organized and work efficiently to keep the project duration and impact to a minimum. Roof-Rite has built a reputation for providing 'painless' roofing service. Just ask any of the many homeowners we have helped over the years. We make roofing your home a 'low stress' endeavor. When we are done, we want our customers to be able to say, 'Wow, now that was a good experience!'”

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Call to set up your free roofing 
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